If you feel you have been mistreated while in the care of Oranga Tamariki-Ministry for Children, you can make a claim.

Abuse in Care – Make a Claim

We are responsible for resolving claims of abuse or neglect in State Care relating to events from 1 April 2017.

If you would like to make a claim, please talk to us. We want to listen to your experience and make things right. You will have a worker assigned to you who will be with you through-out the process. They will listen to any experiences you want to share with us and talk to you about what you can expect from us.

How do I start the process?

You can start the claim process by: 

  • emailing us at, or
  • calling us on 0508 326 459 and asking to be put through to the Feedback and Complaints team.

An advisor will be appointed to assist you and will contact you to start the process of listening to your experience and to find out more information on your claim.

If your claim is regarding abuse in State care before 1 April 2017, please contact the Ministry of Social Development.

You can also use the above contact details to ask us questions on, for example, how you may get access to information, held by Oranga Tamariki, to support your claim.

Limitation policy

You are still able to take your case to court, even if you make a claim through Oranga Tamariki. However, the Oranga Tamariki claims process aims to provide a faster and more cost-effective resolution to you claim.

You may have heard of statutory limitations. The Limitation Act 2010 provides a legal defence to a claim that is brought to the court ‘out of time’. We have developed a Limitation Policy with other Crown agencies (the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Education) to help protect your right to go to court and ensure you will not end up ‘out of time’ because of our actions.

While you engage with the Oranga Tamariki claims process, this Limitation Policy means that in most cases, time is not counted for the purposes of calculating timeframes under limitation law. This means that you will not be disadvantaged if you try and resolve your claim directly with Oranga Tamariki before filing your claim in Court. If you have any questions about the Limitation Policy, we recommend that you seek legal advice.

You can read the Limitation Policy, which sets out how this works. You can also read this communications material, which provides a plain English description about the effect of the Limitation Policy.

Published: October 27, 2022